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Jason Statham becomes a beekeeper in ‘The Beekeeper’. Fans should be happy for their director’s file.

when it was announced The Beekeeper, an action thriller starring Jason Statham focused on the world of beekeeping, more than one made a gesture of disbelief. But he has begun to circulate interesting information about it, starting with the million dollars that Kurt Wimmer (balance) received for the script. The description, of course, is interesting: “A frenetic action thriller exploring the mythology of beekeeping”.

Jason Statham in front, a script that has cost a million, the world of bees… The project only needs one more twist and they have given it by signing David Ayer as director, as reported dead line. The director is controversial, as he is behind the failed DC adaptation suicide squad -the one from 2016- and the criticized Netflix film Bright. Despite these missteps, there are those who appreciate some titles from his filmography, such as Training day -in which he worked as a screenwriter- or hearts of steelthe war film that has Brad Pitt as the protagonist.

Despite his missteps, Ayer has shown that he is not bad at action and he has another opportunity to prove it with The Beekeeper. The movie “explore universal themes with an offbeat story that will have fans sitting on the edge of their seats. We are excited to bring another iconic and compelling film to audiences around the world,” said Bill Block, head of Miramax. One of the universal themes that the film will deal with is that of revengewhich will dominate a large part of the plot and in that Statham is an expert.

According to the details that have already been known, The Beekeeper follows the personal journey of revenge of a man who takes on a huge national risk after it is revealed that he is a former member of a powerful, underground organization known as ‘The Beekeepers’. Here things are starting to add up. It seems that there will be few bees in the plot and many betrayals and issues to be resolved with dangerous clans.

‘The Beekeeper’, the beginning of a franchise

The Beekeeper it is being developed with the intention of turning it into a franchise. According to dead line, the intention is to continue in the universe of the beekeeper in future deliveries and for this they have had the best. “Having collaborated with Jason [Statham] in arouse the fury Y Operation Fortune: The Great Hoaxand with David [Ayer] in hearts of steelwe are fortunate to partner with these masters of the new action genre to bring Kurt’s brilliant script [Wimmer] to the first installment of this franchise.

We do not know if they will achieve their goal -there is still a long way to go before their premiere- but, a priori, they have found the necessary ingredients. Before it premieres The BeekeeperStatham has another movie waiting to hit theaters. Operation Fortuneby Guy Ritchie, has not yet seen the light after multiple delays, but it is expected to arrive in 2022. It also has on the horizon the mercenaries 4 and is currently recording The Meg 2.

Given this very tight schedule, it is very likely that we will not know the adventures of the vengeful beekeeper until 2023, at least.

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