Kevin Spacey will return to the cinema with 1242 – Gateway to the West

After several years of being in the shadows and losing all status within the industry, Kevin Spacey will return to the cinema as the lead in a historical drama. The actor had been trying to raise his career for quite some time, but the accusations against him have not been forgotten, although at the legal level they did not proceed as many expected. His return will surely be difficult news to digest for many and we will have to wait to find out the reactions of the general public, especially since this new project is a foreign production.

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When the MeToo movement erupted in a wave of accusations against big names in Hollywood, many were surprised by the mention of kevin spacey when Anthony Rapp revealed that the Oscar winner had tried to abuse him when he was a minor. Like many before him, the American Beauty actor – 88% sent a public apology, but his was especially criticized for trying to manipulate the public by revealing for the first time that he was gay. Analysts and media alike considered that his sexual preference was irrelevant and that he should not use it as a shield to justify his bad behavior while he tried to win the sympathy of the viewers.

In the end, his method did not work for him, as several other men claimed that he had also tried to abuse them. Due to Spacey’s long career and great talent, many were slow to distance themselves from him, hoping that the truth was nothing more than a misunderstanding. After a while, and as comments and truths about his figure piled up, the actor was officially canceled when he was replaced in All the Money in the World- 63%, a role that many assured would give him another Oscar.

Spacey had to take a forced break because his name almost drags titles like Baby – The Apprentice of Crime – 93% and House of Cards – 71% in his last season. But since the industry forgets easily, the actor has found a way to return little by little and without creating a scandal that could stop him. This same year some films will be released with the actor, who has also already signed to play the writer Gore Vidal in a biographical drama directed by Michael Hoffman.

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His most important project this year will be 1241-Gateway to the Westdirected by Peter Sooswhere, according to information from Variety, Spacey will be one of the protagonists. The historical cut film is a co-production between Hungary and Mongolia, and will tell the story of Batu, grandson of the conqueror Genghis Khan, who tries to expand his kingdom to Europe but meets a spiritual man named Cesareani (Spacey) who will put a halt to their warlike actions and will mark the fall of this empire.

Variety He also reports that expectations are high for this production and that it will be put up for sale in Cannes to find distributors around the world. These types of films are always liked by critics and if it weren’t for the context one could assume that they would be a sure hit at the festival. However, Spacey’s name is still very controversial and it is possible that if he finds a distributor it will be limited to European and Asian territories, where they defend separating the art from the artist in all cases.

1242-Gateway to the West is currently in post-production and is expected to be released in November of this year, one of the most crowded months for those looking for a ticket to the awards season. It is clear that they will not be subtle about the work of kevin spacey, because what seems to be the official poster has him as the center of the story. It is certain that we will hear more about this film once Cannes starts its events and it is possible that it will be about boycotting the work as a protest against the actor.

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