Raquel Bigorra recalled the terrible harassment she suffered in CDMX: “I was shocked”

Raquel Bigorra remembered the moment when she was harassed in CDMX

Like many of the women in Mexico, unfortunately Raquel Bigorra suffered harassment on public roads. The Cuban host who has managed to establish herself as one of the best positioned presenters on the small screen, recounted the moment she lived when she was raped at the beginning of her career.

It was during an interview for the morning cameras the sun rises, where the 47-year-old interpreter, after some related questions about his childhood, He took the opportunity to position himself in favor of women who raise their voices to denounce and said that in his past he suffered sexual harassment in the streets of the city.

“I was walking on the street, I was alone, it was when I was a model in Glenda Models and they sent you to thousands of castings. I would get on the subway, I would get on the bus, anywhere to get to places, and I never forget that in Colonia del Valle I was walking and a boy ran by and he put his hand in me and he kept running, I cried…”, evoked Bigorra.

Raquel Bigorra tearfully recalled the moment she was harassed at CDMX Photo: Instagram/@rbigorra/@karyzaratep

Back then, at the tender age of 14 and newly arrived in Mexico City, He quickly demonstrated his facility before the cameras, which led her to get a place in the Center for Artistic Education (CEA) of Televisa. Later, she had the opportunity to debut as a host of Rhythmoson and also as part of those in charge of presenting capsules of the National Lottery.

The also model remarkably moved with the questions of the press on the subject, She couldn’t help the tears from coming out, since after being harassed she didn’t know how to react.

Look, I remember and I want to cry againthat I felt… imagine, I was in shock, I didn’t even know what to do, whether to scream, look, I think I’ve never told thisIt is something that as a woman changes your life”, recalled Bigorra.

Bigorra was singled out by Bisogno as the author of the leak of details of her private life (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Bigorra was singled out by Bisogno as the author of the leak of details of her private life (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

After the lack of support from the people who saw the altercation on public roads, the actress also reported that the best thing for her, at that time, was to choose to change her dress code to avoid being violated again.

“What I started doing from that point on, I remember wearing a skirt and wearing tights underneath, no matter how you dress, definitely, it’s your body, you decide with whom, nobody has to abuse you like that, and after that I said ‘what can I do?’Well, I started to go with loose jeans, with slightly larger shirts and when I arrived I would change in the bathroom to do a model casting… and what happened to me is nothing, “he stressed.

Raquel Bigorra remembered the moment when she was harassed in CDMX

Finally, the writer also explained that at her little daughter’s school, Rafaella Gavira Bigorraare constantly training parents to build strong bonds of trust and communication so that children know how to act in a dangerous situation such as bullying.

They are preparing workshops for parents, they are giving us tools, they are giving us information, even how to identify a stalkerin the case of my daughter’s age, because my daughter still hasn’t gone out, but they are teaching us to have a code so that when they are at a friend’s house they give you a certain word or phrase so that you know that they are in danger or that he is having a good time, everything to be able to identify a stalker”, concluded the former presenter of Today.


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