Right in the nostalgia! 5 Horror Story Shows From Your Youth That We Want Back

We all love a good series terror and a dose of fear we always like him at any age, not for nothing the horror genre is one of the most popular today, although it is difficult to find a Serie or movie that really makes our hair stand on end.

Let’s remember the best series from terror that we saw on television during our childhood and youth and that we really miss and want to return, some have done it in the form of tokens, but it is not the same as the original versions that we grew up with.

That is why here we refresh your memory with 5 programs what we saw before terror that we demand that they return to the television because we really miss him and we would love to see how those stories continue today and if they continue to give us fear.

Tales from the Crypt

This series had among its cast great actors such as Tim Curry, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Tevees, Demi Moore and even Brad Pitt among many others, in each episode we knew a different story that was basically based on the karma that the characters paid. for his greed or vanity. Originally these were comics that began to circulate in the 1950s and the series premiered in the late 1980s until the mid-1990s, also having movies and a cartoon.

Shaking chills

A series for all ages based on the stories of RL Stine and was broadcast throughout the nineties, having as protagonists boys, girls and young people who, due to pranks or curiosity, met ghosts, aliens or any type of being outside of the normal and of this world, already in the two thousand two films starring Jack Black have been made.

Are you afraid of the Dark?

Again, this series was starring young people who met every night in the woods to tell their best horror stories and it all began with “I submit to the approval of the midnight society, this story that I call…” and that is where the terror began, the intro alone was worthy of making your hair stand on end, in 2019 and 2021 two new seasons were made without much success, one of three episodes and another of 6.

13 means

A one hundred percent Mexican series broadcast by Televisa on Channel 5, this series was narrated as an anthology, each character and story was different in each episode but all of them were set in Mexico, there were thirteen horror and suspense stories and the narrator of the story was Constantino MorĂ¡n who at the end of each broadcast revealed that the story was based on some common fear or phobia of people or society.

Secret X Files

Something that became part of popular culture is the music and the characters of The X-Files with agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder and we see FBI agents working on paranormal and alien cases with two people who are completely different in their beliefs, one completely skeptical and the other completely believer in everything that is out of the ordinary, was a success in the nineties and early two thousand and had a new season in 2016 and 2018.

these are 5 programs from terror what we saw in our youthwho we grew up with and would love to have back in the television to relive those moments so terrifying and beautiful.