‘The time traveler’s wife’, pure science fiction arrives at HBO Max

In several of the episodes of the series The time traveler’s wife from HBO Max, pain is everything. The emotional, the intellectual and even the physical. Henry DeTamble advances through history in the midst of time jumps that blur his present. So much so that, at some point, the inexplicability of his condition turns into pure suffering. because henry not only does he travel through time due to a very rare genetic condition.

Also, he does it without control, with no way of predicting or understanding where the journey takes him through all kinds of moments and especially events. The nuance between both things, converts The time traveler’s wife by Steven Moffat (Sherlock) on a journey into permanence. Also, in a game through the pieces of memory.

On this occasion, the story of Audrey Niffenegger’s book arrives in all its profound notion of the power of emotion. The novel, praised for blending science fiction, drama and romance without falling into excesses, comes to HBO Max streaming in all its depth. The central idea of ​​love prevailing despite unimaginable obstacles remains central, but this time, it also exploits other perspectives.

From the quality of love as a bridge and essential link, to the transformations between pain and the need to love. The time traveler’s wife He firmly questions the connection between time and identity. Also, he reconstructs several ideas about reality at once and ponders about time travel not as an oddity, but as a consequence. Henry is an exception, a point of disturbance in the universe of things. He is also a witness, a hostage, a victim.

love and all time

But of course, The time traveler’s wife it is a love story. A deep, full of hope and desperate loyalty that turns the premise into a great question. How much of love is based on the history that is shared? If Robert Schwentke’s 2009 film showed a feeling capable of consoling absence, The time traveler’s wife poses a slightly different idea.

More akin to the literary original, the show chronicles Henry’s life through the confines of Clare Abshire (Rose Leslie) and how he comes to terms with the love of his life. But in the film version, love became the necessary and obvious response to Henry’s journey, in The time traveler’s wife is a core. Love persists, confronts, battles, it is pure will. And in the end, it is also the reason why the spaces of pain and silence in the series are as deep as they are well constructed.

Moffat translates the original love story into a well thought out plot puzzle. Simultaneously, he makes the love between the new versions of Henry and Rose believable and moving. The couple maintains a relationship that begins at unheard of moments and in an unheard of way. At the same time, it is built with the careful tenderness of small moments that contrast with Henry’s inexplicable gift. If in the movie version, time travel was a distortion for which explanation was needed, in the show, it’s just context.

The time traveler’s wife seems much more interested in narrating that unites two people who can rarely be together. That when they do, they share a relationship based on missing fragments in a long confusing history. But love is love, in the midst of absence and the great existential questions that The time traveler’s wife answer little by little.

A journey through all the periods of life in The woman of the time traveler

One of the things to appreciate about Moffat’s version is his ambition. Unlike the Robert Schwentke adaptation, Henry’s ability to traverse time and space is fully exploited. And it is done in a natural and organic way, which completely breaks with any other version on the current topic. In an age of film, television, and streaming filled with multiversal travelersNiffenegger’s story may seem simple. But Moffat manages to make it really, a dialogue with what the temporary break in Henry’s life really means.

The character, who goes from childhood to old age, who jumps from one side of time to the other in moments of stress and anguish, is locked in a cycle. And it’s Rose, her link to reality. The story is told in two voices — in formidable testimonial scenes that sustain intimacy — and at the same time, unravels in different directions. And again, The time traveler’s wife makes it clear that the journey is amazing, but in reality, it leads nowhere. Only for later, to return to the center of all things. A look that contains decades, the need to understand life through another.

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The time traveler’s wife It is a plot challenge. And the new adaptation of him, remembers the most valuable of the literary version of him. Remember the reason why, we are all human even in extraordinary situations. And especially, in the search for the mirror of the other, as the end of a long bumpy journey. A premise that perhaps is not so strange after all.