The tragedies in the life of Nick Cave and the strange behavior of his son Jethro days before he died

This Monday the news of the death of the model Jethro Lazenby, the son of the singer Nick Cave, at the age of 31, has come to light. The causes of Jethro’s death are not yet known, but this is a serious blow to Nick Cave who already had to face the death of his son Arthur in 2015.

In September 2018 Nick Cave opened the blog called The Red Hand Files where periodically the musician responds to the questions asked by his followers. In this blog, Nick Cave writes with total sincerity and in a very personal way about some of the queries that his fans ask him. Moreover, through these questions, the Australian singer based in England takes the opportunity to reflect on some of the hardest episodes in his life.

Nick Cave, during the Primavera Sound festival concert


One of the topics he deals with in the blog is that of fatherhood. Both his and the one he received when he was young. Nick Cave’s father died unexpectedly in a car accident when Nick Cave was only 19 years old and that is why he has always tried to be, with more or less success and accompanied by the personal shadows that the singer drags, the best father for his children. sons.

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According to Nick Cave himself on the blog, despite everything he has tried to show his children “the beautiful things in life and teach that there is an entire universe beyond the gloomy issues of everyday life: the parallel world of art and imagination. A world that, according to the musician, has been a real salvation for him. This point of view also helps to understand his work as an artist and part of his musical career, since his music is always directly related to what the singer experiences in his day-to-day life.


Concert Nick Cave photo: Jordi Play

Jordi Play / Collaborators

The darkness of the life of Nick Cave

A clear example of the way he uses music to deal with his nightmares in real life is his breakup with singer PJ Harvey. After the end of this relationship, the singer published one of his most successful albums: The Boatman’s Call (1997). In the aforementioned blog, the singer confirms that the album was a way to accept his bad love and a way to overcome the breakup of PJ Harvey.

Also, in the blog he reveals the details of the notorious breakup. “I didn’t leave PJ Harvey, it was PJ Harvey who left me. I remember sitting on the floor of my flat in Notting Hill and the sun coming through the window (or not, I don’t know), feeling good, enjoying it because I had a beautiful, young and talented singer for a girlfriend, when suddenly the phone rang. I picked it up and it was her”, narrates Nick Cave. On that call, PJ Harvey said “I want to break up with you.”

Young Nick Cave

Young Nick Cave

Web page (The red hand files)

your drug addiction

This breakup and the album The Boatman’s Call They made Nick Cave consider one of the things that has hurt him the most in his life: heroin addiction. On his blog, 30 years later, he also talks about this dark chapter in his life. And it is that although everyone knew the problem that the singer had with heroin and amphetamines, he always denied the greatest in this matter.

What’s more, in an interview Jack Barron did with him in 1988 after living with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, his band since 1984, for 24 hours. In that interview, the singer unintentionally confessed his addiction. At that historic moment in the musician’s life, the Australian asked to do another interview and, given Barron’s denial, Nick Cave tried to attack him and ended up breaking all his tapes to the journalist. That day Cave earned the nickname “a journalist’s worst nightmare.”

His new life with Susie Cave

However, many years have passed since that interview and now on the blog he says that after the album The Boatman’s Call, the Australian made the decision to take time out and undergo rehabilitation. Around this time, he also met model, fashion designer Susie Cave, whom he has been married to since 1999.

Susie Cave and Nick Cave have had twin sons together, Earl, 21, and Arthur, who died in an accident after consuming LSD in 2015. But these two are not the singer’s only children. The Australian has had two other children: Luke, the result of his marriage in the nineties with the Brazilian Viviane Carneiro and the recently deceased Jethro, son of the musician and the model Beau Lazenby.

Dawn and Susie Cave

Dawn and Susie Cave

Web page (The red hand files)

Arthur’s death in 2015

Unfortunately, with the death of his son Jethro this week, Nick Cave has been brought back by the ghosts of the past. And it is that the death of the 31-year-old comes only seven years after the death of Arthur.

Nick Cave and Susie Cave’s son was killed in an accident on July 14, 2015 near the family home in Brighton. Arthur died at the age of 15 when he accidentally fell off a cliff after consuming LSD. The musician took refuge in music and in those parallel worlds of art that he mentions in his blog to face the death of his son and released his last two albums: Skeleton Tree (2016) and ghosteen (2019). In addition, he also produced the documentary One more time with feeling where he recorded the entire grieving process.

a new blow

Now, the singer has to face a new terrible death, that of his son Jethro Lazenby. Nick Cave’s son died at the age of 31 on Tuesday, just two days after being released from jail. The young man was serving a sentence for assaulting his mother Beau Lazenby.

The causes of Jethro’s death are not yet known. The singer’s son was a model and has paraded for firms such as Versace and Balenciaga. However, in recent times, as reported by the Australian newspaper Daily Mail Jethro Lazenby had had drug problems, including in November last year he was arrested for stealing jerky and meatloaf from a 24-hour supermarket.

Jethro Lazenby, son of Nick Cave, dies at 31

Jethro Lazenby, son of Nick Cave, dies at 31

Also, on March 8, Jethro was admitted to prison for having hit his mother in the face with his knee, after an argument because Beau refused to buy him a pack of cigarettes, according to the Daily Mail. The young man also had a history of assaulting his ex-girlfriend in 2018.

Lazenby, who had been held at the notorious Melbourne Pretrial Detention Centre, was released on bail on the condition that he undergo drug treatment and avoid contact with his mother for two years.

Jethro didn’t meet Nick Cave until he was 7 years old.

The relationship between Nick Cave and Jethro was good, although it had always been complicated. Jethro grew up with his mother in Australia and did not meet his father until he was seven years old. The musician confessed in 2008 that he was not successful with his son in the early years, but little by little they came to establish a great relationship.

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