Top 10 of the most flirty and popular Mexican actresses on Instagram

There is no doubt that talent abounds in Aztec lands, being the cradle of many of the most recognized artists not only in Spanish-speaking countries, but also transcending language barriers to be known around the world.

Proof of this are the many actresses who have conquered the big screen in the main production houses with their talent, charisma and great personality. exalting the women of an entire culture and proudly representing its origins.

For this reason, we present the 10 most famous Mexican actresses on Instagram, recounting their achievements and the most important data you should know about them. From the legendary Salma Hayek, icon of a whole generation of artists, to Eiza González who has recently begun to forge her own reputation in Hollywood.

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Danna Paola

Counting on a community of 33.9 million fans in the social network of the camera, the beautiful singer and actress was crowned one of the most famous Mexican celebrities in the national territory.

And it’s no surprise to anyone because his performances in the children’s series ‘Dare to dream’ and his most recent work for ‘Elite’ made his brand one of the most referenced in the small screen industry, ensuring that the projects in which he participates They will be a resounding success.

In the posts made on their social networks, Danna Paola He is constantly interacting with his fans from all over the world, as well as sharing his wonderful looks.


Salma Hayek

The talented actress originally from Veracruz has been a quintessential Latin icon for decades, being one of the first Mexican women to conquer Hollywood.

His Instagram account has 21.1 million followers who closely follow his posts, in which he shares some fragments of his day-to-day life, as well as the most precious memories of previous awards and movies.

There are plenty of reasons to follow Salma Hayek and learn more details about his life and wonderful career.



The wonderful Thalia She is already one of the best-known women in the entire Mexican territory, her songs being many of the most popular classics of the 80’s.

Therefore, it is not surprising that her community reaches the number of 19.2 million followers, who can enjoy the latest news about the artist as well as the most appreciated memories that she shares in her feed.

And it is that her work as a soap opera actress performed in her youth places her as the example to follow for new talents in the industry.


Aislinn Derbez

The famous 36-year-old actress has a huge number of fans throughout the continent, being one of the most recognized women from Mexico. Proof of this are her 12 million followers on her Instagram, loyal followers of each of her steps.

The passage of Aislinn Derbez, daughter of Eugenio Derbezfor films such as ‘A la mala’ and ‘La casa de las flores’ raised the profits of the films, being one of the highest grossing in current Mexican cinema.



Although Belinda has her place of origin in Madrid, Spain, since she was very young she has lived in Aztec territory, being naturalized as Mexican over the years.

Her music has caused a great impact, earning her the place as a judge on ‘La Voz Kids’ for several years, however this is not all the contribution she has made, her talents also extend to the field of acting in productions such as ‘Cómplices al rescue’ released in 2002.

His Instagram account has 15 million followers and continues to grow.


Barbara of Regil

Despite all the controversial posts made on their social networks, Barbara of Regil She is one of the most followed actresses on Instagram with the amount of 8.2 million followers.

His posts revolve around his fit lifestyle, sharing his favorite exercise routines, diets, and some tips to maintain an impact figure. She even ventured into opening a brand of food supplements.


Carol Seville

the juvenile actress Carol Seville She was born in Mexico City, but her fame exploded in Spain with her leading role as Luna Valente in the Disney series ‘Soy Luna’.

At just 22 years old, the girl has 12.9 million followers, who can enjoy the most intimate moments of her daily life as well as her new projects.


Sweet Maria

Having more than 9.6 million followers on Instagram, the actress and singer Sweet Maria She pleases her admirers with the daily activities of her life, despite being somewhat reserved, she gives some details of the activities she likes to do.

Kept fondly in the minds of her fans for roles in productions like RBD, the 36-year-old is supported by millions of people who love her.


Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza Gonzalez is another of the Mexican artists who have received a lot of attention in recent years with her performances in Hollywood, recognized as one of the most talented actresses in the national territory, exporting her splendid performances to the international industry.

In her feed you can not only see glamorous selfies and looks, you can also see what the life of the Mexican woman is like behind the scenes and what she likes to do in her spare time, just as her community of 7.5 million does on Instagram. .


Maite Perroni

Apparently the impact of the novel RBD catapulted its actors to the top of fame, as another of the cast members is placed within the most recognized actresses of social networks. We talk about Maite Perroniwho premiered the film ‘Dark Desire’ this year.

In her feed we can see some details of her private life as well as some photographs that prove that at 39 she is one of the most beautiful women.

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