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The visionary director has returned to the ring with the latest from Marvel and we celebrate it by remembering his essential works. Terror, superheroes and lots of fun available on platforms.

What sam raimi has returned to direct a film is great news, because we are talking about one of the great minds of popular and genre cinema. That he’s returning to bring his particular vision to the Marvel Universe with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is even better news.

That is why it is a good opportunity to remember some of the film works that have made him such a famous director and have led to giving life to the powerful marvelite sorcerer. With these 6 essential films, all of them available in streamingyou’re going to have even more fun from the Raimi brand to have a good time with.

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‘Hell Possession’ (1981)

In his first proper film, Raimi found everything he needed to be a singular voice. Hellbound was made on a shoestring budget, independently, but in the constraints they found the need to get creative, hdoing things with the camera and designing a world that had not been seen before.

Five friends decide to spend a weekend in the mountains of Tennessee. Once there They stay in a gloomy cabin located in the bowels of a forest. Inside they find a mysterious book and a recording warning of a demonic force. Before they know it, the most horrible night of their lives will unfold. With elements as simple as these, Raimi creates a twisted movie that manages to be a lot of fun.

You can see it on Filmin.

‘Terrifyingly Dead’ (1987)

Despite having made a great first film, a thorn stuck with not being able to go even further. Maybe partly because of that in the sequel terrifyingly dead he opts to remake the entire first film in the first ten minutes, making the comedic influence he had in mind for these films more apparent. This movie takes what works from its predecessor and puts a spin on it that makes it even cooler.

On this occasion, we spend a good part of the film with only Bruce Campbell faced with an intangible but unstoppable threat. Circumstances that are used to become creative, launch into absurd and hilarious comedy, without neglecting the most sinister and bloodiest parts. In this case, we not only have a superior sequel to the original, but an absolute classic of horror movies.

You can see it on Filmin.

Darkman (1990)

Following the success of Tim Burton’s Batman, many Hollywood studios wanted to have their own dark and iconic superhero, but still didn’t want to jump into the comics that teens were passionate about. Instead, they tried different creations, including this dark-man Originally created by Raimi, he was part of Universal’s classic monster and dark vigilante.

In this film, Liam Neeson is a scientist who investigates a kind of synthetic skin, but is attacked by an armed gang in search of some papers in the possession of his girlfriend (Frances McDormand). In the accident he is terribly disfigured, his psyche is broken and his nerves are operated on so that he cannot feel pain. Afterwards, he will plot a fearsome revenge against the gangsters and their superiors.. A dark, yet fresh and fun film that shaped a character that became instantly iconic and anticipated Raimi’s leap into the superhero genre.

You can see it on Filmin.

‘Army of Darkness’ (1992)

One of the first ideas that Raimi and company had for the sequel to Infernal possession was to bring the character of Bruce Campbell back to medieval times, but it was too ambitious for the resources available to them at the time. After the success of the sequel and dark-manwere able to culminate their epic expectations with the army of darknessthe closing of the trilogy.

The film continues the exaggerated and devilish tone of the previous film, changing the context to reinforce the absurd character. They also return to the character of Ash Williams more of an action hero, but giving him so much taglines that it was a successful parody of the conventional hero. Another phenomenal and charismatic exercise that exemplifies the boundless creativity of the director.

You can see it on Filmin.

‘Spider-Man’ (2000)

Despite the fact that his previous films made evident his devotion to the visual personality and sense of humor of classic comics, especially superheroes, Raimi was not commercially the safest choice to bring one of the most recognizable superheroes to the cinema. But he cleared doubts, and got spider-man It was a movie that changed everything.

His devotion to the heroic but also resigned loser character of Peter Parker/Spider-Man is evident, and he makes it compelling and emotional on screen. Visually it also winks at comic strips, but without ceasing to make an accessible and effective action blockbuster.. He also gets a lot out of actors like Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst either Willem Dafoewhich give incredible life to all these characters.

You can see it on Movistar.

‘Spider-Man 2’ (2004)

The first movie, along with the X-Men movie, changed everything. for superhero movies, mainly at the level of public perception and commercial success. But in Spider-Man 2 it’s where Raimi really showed the full potential of these kinds of films, while still making a film of commercial ambitions. More mature, deeper, funnier and also more twisted, but above all more emotional and complete.

Raimi enhances the character’s heroic character more than ever, while raising interesting questions and internal conflicts.. He also manages to have more broad sleeves to fill the film with his irreverent personality, which is especially noticeable in the character of Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) and the operating room sequence, as frenetic as it is fun and chilling. A balance that only he achieves. And thanks to that, it’s one of the best superhero movies of all time.

You can see it on Movistar.

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