What is healthy eating? beyond the food

“A healthy diet is a varied diet consisting primarily of fruits and vegetables and in which a high consumption of whole grains. Proteins are provided by legumes and unprocessed products (other than cold cuts)”, he explains. Maria Dolores del Castillo Bilbao, scientific researcher at the CSIC Food Science Research Institute, biochemist and doctor in Food Science and Technology. The expert adds that “red meats can be consumed, but it is much more advisable to consume white meats and emphasize chicken and fish. In this diet, dishes are prepared using culinary procedures that maintain the essential nutritional properties of food and preserve the bioactive compounds that are in them, which have great health benefits. Hydration must also be healthy, fundamentally with water and with infusions that do not have added sugar. The diet par excellence that is considered healthier and a model to follow is the Mediterranean diet that meets all the requirements mentioned above.

Del Castillo Bilbao insists on not forgetting healthy hydration and advises studying the healthy eating pyramid of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition.

Balanced diet and in company

The traditional diet to which the pyramid refers, and which the CSIC expert also mentions, must be sustainable, balanced, in company and over time, because we must not forget that the emotional balance It is a very important part of a healthy life. It must also be close and of quality. Consume season products and from sustainable producers that are close to our home is almost 50% of what it means to eat healthy.

In fact, Anna Bach, professor of Health Sciences Studies at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) specializing in food and public health, argues that the proportions of the Mediterranean diet where the weight is in foods of plant origin (vegetables, fruit, cereals, legumes …) and low in foods of animal origin “makes the dish very similar to the planetary plate (a healthy and sustainable plate that helps save the planet). Other aspects that make it more sustainable is that this diet is based on local and seasonal foods. Following the Mediterranean diet can be a strategic element to combat climate change. It is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural and environmental models”.

Slow food and biodiversity in the food supply

There are some associations whose philosophy is based precisely on what we are talking about. Slow-Food is one of them. It is a non-profit eco-gastronomic association founded in 1989 in Italy to counteract the fast food and the fast life, prevent the disappearance of local gastronomic traditions and combat the general lack of interest in nutrition, in the origins, flavors and consequences of the population’s food choices. today has over 100,000 members worldwide that promote a new logic of food production, develop food education programs and act in favor of biodiversity.

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