Iván Cochegrus exhibits the Pinal family

After the controversy generated by the way in which Silvia Pinal was seen on the stage of the children’s play ‘Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother?’, and that the function was later canceled to the media because the first actress had felt bad from the pressure, the producer of the stagingIvan Cochegrus He went out to the media to ensure that the famous was in good health.

“She’s channeled, she’s already stable, in a second I’ll make a little video with Mrs. and I share them so you can see that it is stable. She felt fine, but it was very hot and her blood pressure rose very strongly, so we decided that she should not show up for her health ”, the producer explained.

Nevertheless, the allegedly very good relationship that producer Cochegrus has with Silvia Pinal’s family could be affected, after this Friday the 13th, Gustavo Adolfo iInfante, in ‘First hand’, shared an audio of the producer speaking indiscretions about the family, especially about Luis Enrique Guzman.

In the audio you can hear Iván Cochegrus speak with the journalist Rosario Murrieta, who is the host of ‘Ventaneando’. In the recorded conversation Ivan implies that the journalist was the one who recommended that he handle the staging as a tribute, not so much because he believed that it was going to be a tribute and a good farewell to Silvia Pinal.

In addition, Iván can be heard calling Mayela Laguna, wife of Luis Enrique Guzmán, ‘lurias’, and reveal that Silvia Pinal’s son would have started an affair with an employee of the pizzeria he has with his wife, for whom he is even looking for a job.

“They are no longer together (Mayela and Luis Enrique), she has already left the house and lives in the apartment, she has the child. In Luis Enrique’s apartment, but there are days that Luis Enrique goes with herand he saw an interview with Maxine (Woodside), Efi (Efigenia, Silvia Pinal’s assistant) sent it to me where this Mayela said: ‘Right now we’re dating’, but this woman is crazy”, the producer commented.

“Luis Enrique spoke to me last week, there is another woman, a girl who worked at the pizzeria, very pretty, who worked at the pizzeria, I think that’s where the little problem comes from, because she told me Luis Enrique: Iván help me with Mary, get him a job because Mayela doesn’t want her, she already kicked her out of the pizzeria’. so i guessed that go with that girl because he brings an interest that I get him a job in the government”, added Ivan Cochegrus.

Likewise, in the talk he assured that Mayela is very angry with Luis Enrique for the interest he shows in the young woman, In addition to the fact that it can be seen that the producer mentions that since he has a good relationship with Silvia Pinal’s children, he does not care about the opinion of the grandchildren, especially the daughter of Sylvia Pasquel, Stephanie Chambers, after the latter asked him not to let the media enter the show to prevent Silvia Pinal from being exposed.

“And yesterday, Stephanie, don’t you know, Stephanie there almost telling me. She’s going to give you a heart attack, she’s very angry with the media because you don’t know, yesterday, Fabián’s stupid, the one who leads her relationships, they were able to talk to her to see what was the best thing to do do, and what do you think he wanted? not let the media enter to record, that he make the carpet and give him the recorded material to take care that a bad image of his grandmother does not leave “, started the producer.

He then assured that not all the media have been rude to the Pinal family, with the exception of Gustavo Adolfo Infante, whom he took the opportunity to insult and refer to as “Infamous Amorphous Worm”, which is why he had to put the young woman in her place and commented that she would surely hate him for life and accused her of giving her opinion without knowing what was best for her.

“’We say it was the family’, no less, because right now Stephanie is telling you to say that, but when Alejandra arrives she’s going to ask you who gave you the authorization to say that we, I manage with the children, the three children support me, what the grandchildren say is worth it to me *”, Ivan Cochegrus concluded.

Iván Cochegrus is honest about Silvia Pinal's family