From “naco” to money for the dentist: what happened to Belinda and Christian Nodal after their controversial breakup

Nodal and Belinda gave a lot to talk about this week Photos: Cuartoscuro

Undoubtedly, the relationship between Belinda Peregrin and Christian Nodal He has given what to talk about since the beginning of their romance. After confirming her courtship, Internet users, as well as the press, quickly gave their opinion about this event, since shortly after being together The couple celebrated their birthday by embodying various tattoos that symbolize their love.

What aroused innumerable criticisms of Peregrin after several of her ex-partners tattooed a design alluding to her.

There were even wedding plans because Nodal asked Belinda to marry him with an exuberant and expensive engagement ring, which led to reactions on social networks that were immediate.

Throughout their relationship, the media was aware of the controversies that the couple starred in, however, Christian Nodal announced his breakup through his official Twitter account. Instagram. Given this, several rumors arose in the press about the reasons why Belinda and Nodal ended their romance. No speculation was accurate, because those involved did not talk about it.

The singers were involved in a great controversy (Photo: Twitter)
The singers were involved in a great controversy (Photo: Twitter)

Both returned to their lives and projects, or so it seemed, given that this week The singers were involved in various dimes and diretes that caused a stir on social networks.

It all started when the actress’s mother shared on her account Instagram several video clips of the concert that her daughter had in Barcelona, ​​which were received with very good comments, since a lot of support was perceived towards the interpreter of Love at first sight.

However, there was a specific comment that caught the attention of Belinda’s mother, which said: “Beli is the best, please don’t come back with Nodal’s naco”. well immediately Schull reacted with applause emojis in response to the user, hinting that she shared the same opinion..

Also, in a different publication, the mother of the singer of Light without gravity He posted a photo and wrote: “The world is full of people who want to pick fruit from trees they never planted or cared for.”

Belinda's mother lashed out at Christian Nodal Photo: Instagram @schull.belinda Photo: Getty Images Photo: Instagram @belindapop
Belinda’s mother lashed out at Christian Nodal Photo: Instagram @schull.belinda Photo: Getty Images Photo: Instagram @belindapop

After the above, Nodal He found out and reacted quickly through his official Twitter account. Twitterwhere he shared a screenshot with his followers where posted various messages in which Belinda went to him to ask for financial help, together with the following text:

20 years collecting the fruits of his daughter until leaving her with nothing. Leave me alone, I’m healing. I don’t bother them, I don’t even demand my credits in songs or in life. Everything beautiful that is happening deserves it and it also cost me. When I get tired of giving, it’s all over”

After this publication, social networks turned upside down, as this action confirmed that one of the reasons for their breakup was for money, despite the fact that the Mexican regional genre singer had denied these rumors.

Consequently, the users of Twitter they had no mercy with the interpreter of Bottle after Bottle and several pointed out to him that it was not right to publicly show the private talk he had with Belinda when they were still a couple.

Conversation between Belinda and Nodal (Photo: Screenshot/Tw elnodal)
Conversation between Belinda and Nodal (Photo: Screenshot/Tw elnodal)

If the problem is that according to you they don’t let you heal, why not talk about it with @belindapop? Didn’t you say that they were still talking? But why ventilate that you gave her money? I don’t think she or her parents forced you, I think they are both enjoying the fruits of their efforts, “wrote a user.

Christian was not silent and responded with a tweet from your personal account: “Yes I did, I called him several times. I wrote to him and nothing changed. It’s not about money it’s about what they keep on trying to affect. Not even success serves to leave me alone. The only thing missing was that push they gave me so that I could finally decide what to do.”

However, this controversy did not stop here, as the Internet users themselves staged a fightin which several supported Belinda, while others agreed with Nodal.

“For all those people ‘defending’ Belinda, here we clearly see Nodal’s annoyance, he also has the right to defend himself, so they better save all that kind of hate towards a person who only seeks to defend himself from how badly he had a bad time in his relationship. “Horrible how the belifans defend Belinda, when Nodal does not refer to her, but to her mother, in short, Team Nodal”, are some of the comments in favor of the singer.

the driver of "The Pulse of the Republic" made fun of the controversy between the singers (Photo: Twitter / @ChumelTorres)
The host of “El Pulso de la República” mocked the controversy between the singers (Photo: Twitter / @ChumelTorres)

Imagine loving a guy too much and after so much love, when he finishes he talks trash about you and your family, what cringe Nodal and his boorishness. May the universe spare us rats like that.” “It is understood that a person like nodal does not surpass a goddess like Belinda. Beli is already in another nose roll, get over it. Whatever her mother said, fix it with them directly, not doing this that clearly shows your age and leaves much to be desired, what a pity you are vato, “other netizens posted.

Also, the creativity of users on social networks came to the fore, as the memes about this situation went viral everywhere. In addition, various celebrities such as Chummel Torres, They showed their comedic skills when giving their opinion on the controversy.

After all the speculations that came with this situation, people close to the famous gave their testimonies, such was the case of Belinda’s makeup artist, who confirmed that the one who decides on the singer’s projects is her mother.

Users on social networks reacted with memes to the new scandal of the singers (Photo: Twitter / @ChavaRRivera)
Users on social networks reacted with memes to the new scandal of the singers (Photo: Twitter / @ChavaRRivera)

Finally, the media, as well as the users, waited for the reaction of Belinda and her parent, it was then that in the morning come the joy On the occasion of replying to the famous, the driver Ricardo Casares contacted her to be able to present his version of the events, however, the response was short and forceful:

“At nine in the morning I wrote to Belinda and she replied: ‘Thank you Ricardo, I’m not going to say anything, it really is nonsense’”, the driver commented.

On the other hand, Internet users requested that the Olympia Law, in order to defend Belinda dthe alleged crime that Nodal would be committing by publishing private conversations on social networks. However, nothing has been confirmed.

It is clear that this controversial rupture has brought with it various speculations. So far, none of those involved has given a timely statement to the press.


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