8 CDMX places to feel like in a Tim Burton movie 🎃

If you are a fan of Tim Burton, this post of CDMX spots to feel like you are in one of the movies will blow your mind.

When you think of movies Tim BurtonWhat is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably skeletons —many skeletons and in all their forms— and a very dark. Indeed, this director from California has become one of his favorites thanks to his peculiar cinematographic style that we all recognize. His films are led by twisted characters who unfold in places with a markedly dark personality. In addition, he has an affinity for surreal, fantasy-ridden stories. Something like an eternal Halloween, where you find emotion and light among giant pumpkins.

The ‘Burtonesque’ style

But where did this characteristic style come from? Before becoming the acclaimed director ‘darks’ we know, had a brief stay as an apprentice animator at Disney, where he began to develop his personality and fell in love with stop motion—a technique he used in the corpse of the bride Y The strange world of Jack—. However, his ideas were far from the mouse house proposal, it was very dark and ‘weird’ by his standards.

in his book Burton-on-Burton, writes, “There was a time when I couldn’t fake the Disney look anymore.” So he decided to take the plunge and launch independent projects.


Already without ties he was ready to dump all the experiences that impacted him since he was a child. In this same book he mentions that unlike his friends, he was a fan of science fiction, horror and B-movie —low budget and non-commercial—. The 8mm films he put together for family and friends were sinister, he says, but that didn’t stop them from encouraging him to continue. Later he fell in love with German expressionism, whose design provoked a sense of fiction, of being in a dream and even of psychological tension – such as the use of shadows or objects that transform into terrifying characters.

The net his style is unique and distinguishable by anyone, so we began to think what places could inspire any of his films. From abandoned hospitals, to mansions crammed with art from the last century, take a role in the most ‘Burtonesque’ from the city.

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1. House Frissac

Miss Peregrine and the Peculiar Children It is a film with the stamp of Tim Burton: with a somewhat dark story, eccentric characters and terrifying creatures. Miss Peregrine is in charge of welcoming children with special abilities in her home, an English-style house, from the 19th century with high ceilings and very elaborate finishes. If the peculiar lived in CDMX, it would be in the Frissac house, an architectural jewel of Tlalpan built by Antonio Rivas Mercado around 1893. This property has already been modified, but its imposing facade and the garden continue to give the ‘cat’.

Where: House of Frissac culture. Calle Moneda s/n, Colonia Centro de Tlalpan

2. Ball House Garden

“In the gardens of memory, in the palace of dreams, that’s where we’ll meet,” says the Mad Hatter. Obviously to live a moment of Alice in Wonderland you have to resort to a mansion with a spectacular garden, like the one at La Casa de la Bola. Built in 1604, it was acquired in the 20th century by Antonio Haghenbeck y de la Lama, who jealously guarded his collection of paintings and other decorative arts in the premises. Each room is perfectly arranged, while the garden is a dreamlike jungle decorated with statues, lions guarding the path and a mermaid fountain.

Where: Lira Park #136, Tacubaya neighborhood

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3. Pantheon of San Fernando

A cemetery could not be missing, very much in the style of the corpse of the bride Y The strange world of Jack, to remember Tim Burton The San Fernando Pantheon, located in the Guerrero neighborhood, is one of the oldest in the city and has impressive mausoleums, making it a true open-air museum. In this historic place lie the remains of artists, politicians, rulers and other high-ranking personalities; imagine, even Benito Juárez has his grave here. The Romanesque sculptures give the place an air of solemnity, yet we can’t help but imagine that Emily is chasing poor Victor among the tombs.

Where: San Fernando Street #17, Guerrero neighborhood

4.Shanghai Casino

At Álvaro Obregón #49 there is an eclectic building whose interiors made us think of the home of Lydia Deetz, in the movie beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice —oops—. Maybe it’s the black and white mosaic floor, but without a doubt, in front of the window divided into smaller panels, we can imagine Delia Deetz singing ‘Day O! (Banana Boat) ‘From Harry Belafonte in front of all his guests. To achieve Burton’s dark and twisted style, we recommend visiting at night.

Where: Álvaro Obregón #49, Colonia Roma Norte

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5. Dahlias and Juliets

We have a chicken heart, so with The big fish The first thing that comes to mind is the scene in which Edward Bloom —the handsome Ewan McGregor— fills his beloved Sandra’s yard with yellow flowers. Oh, love. This scene breaks with Burton’s characteristic darkness, but it is one of the most beautiful moments of his cinematography. In order for you to experience that sweetness, it is necessary to turn to the greenhouses of Xochimilco, Milpa and Tláhuac, such as Dalias and Julietas, where edible flowers of a thousand colors grow: from cempasúchil, to pansies, passing through the CDMX flower: dahlias.

6. Site Museum of the Old Hospital Concepción Béistegui

To tell the truth, finding the London and Victorian style that characterizes Sweeney Todd in the capirucha, it is cannon; Even so, there is a corner from the 16th century, full of legends and with a dark vibe like the one that Tim Burton likes: The Site Museum of the Old Hospital Concepción Beistegui. Hospital material from years ago is exhibited here, some tumors —100% real, not fake—, medical books, clothing and other ancient furniture. Some say that they are frightening here, but we have not, nor do we want, to prove it.

Where: Regina #7, Historic Center neighborhood

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7. Real Under

Obviously we couldn’t leave out The strange world of Jack, the classic and with a powerful fandom. After thinking of a place that would resemble the town of Halloween, we came to the conclusion that The Real Under, cultural center and bar, would be Sally and Jack’s favorite place. Not at all? With a dark setting, dim lights, cobwebs and skulls decorating the place, red velvet seats and even coffins, Uff! Put Oogie Boogie behind a console mixing music and voila.

Where: North Division #3003, El Rosedal neighborhood

8. Casa Rivas Market

Apparently the architect Antonio Rivas Mercado fits in well with Tim Burton, since another of his buildings reminds us of the pirate ship scene in Miss Peregrine and the Peculiar Children. The property we are talking about is his house, located in the Guerrero neighborhood, a true eclectic palace made up of a quarry façade, tiles with Moorish decoration, Victorian details on doors and windows and decorative pieces characteristic of art nouveau.

Where: Heroes Street #45, Guerrero neighborhood

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