The movie that the actors of ‘Stranger Things’ had to see

Darker, sinister and without a doubt, terrifying. The fourth season of stranger things is about to premiere and answer some of the most pressing questions about the series. What happened to Jim Hopper? Will Eleven’s powers get stronger with adolescence? What new mystery will Hawkins face? The universe of the series becomes more mature and reinvents itself in new ways.

One of its strengths points to much darker influences in its references and nods to pop culture. On this occasion, and on the express recommendation of the Duffer brothers, the cast had to soak up a whole new collection of elements. Specifically, everything related to Nightmare in The M Street by Wes Craven. Movie that the acting group had to see to understand the idea that they wanted to bring to the end of the Netflix series.

stranger things He has a difficult job ahead of him. On the one hand, it must show that the argument grew as much or more than its young protagonists. On the other, that the prolonged hiatus between seasons does not affect the thematic unity of the plot. Turned into a major pop phenomenon, the show is more than just an event that defined the identity of streaming.

It is also a new way of storytelling that incorporates elements from multiple media at once. Since its premiere, the Netflix series has enriched its plot through the use of film and television references from the 1980s. Beyond the homage, he also experimented with understanding nostalgia as a point of interest.

Stranger Things, a new way of understanding terror

For new chapters stranger things, the production is clear that the transition between the avant-garde discourse of its first seasons and something new must be precise. And for that reason, the new mythology around his story is closer to horror movies than ever.

Recently, actors Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton commented the curious request of the Duffer brothers. One that makes it very clear that the new dimension of the series points to a notorious plot darkness.

As explained by the cast members, the directors suggested exploring the narrative and symbols of the classic horror saga. In fact, it was a specific requirement that confirms one of the most insistent rumors in recent weeks.

For its fourth season, the story of stranger things It would be linked in a very direct way with the horrors embodied by Freddy Krueger. In fact, the reference is so obvious that this time Robert Englund himself will play one of the key characters in the story.

A journey through the worlds of terror


For actress Natalia Dyer, the request became a difficult order to follow. By her own admission, she’s not a lover of the classic Craven franchise or the horror genre in general. So the revision of the saga meant a considerable effort that she carried out with discipline. But Ella Dyer acknowledged that analyzing the codes of the world of terror was fun for her and she even came to recognize that “I haven’t had too much of a bad time seeing them.”

Nightmare in The M Street is one of the great responsible for the revival of terror during the eighties. Much more so, it’s a well thought out journey through a rare combination of the supernatural and the slasher genre. stranger things, which feeds its plot of terror as a backdrop, is part of the extensive heritage of the saga. It’s also the latest reinvention in the way horror is viewed. And the trait will appear to be more apparent than ever in season four.

In the released previews, the sinister tone of the series increased significantly. And in the same way that its very young cast grew up in front of the camera’s eye, the series seems to have done the same. Specifically, now that the series seems to be taking its necessary evolution as a production and concept very seriously. Something that season four — longer, more ambitious and more interesting — seems to take to a completely unknown level.