How to fix your hair to look younger

Have you ever wondered how to fix your hair to look younger? The hair dyesthe haircuts and the hairstyles they’re one of our most beloved beauty tools, but today we’re going to talk about styles that specifically make you look a few years younger.

Various stylists agree that hair is our most important letter of introduction, which is why they have shared some of their most effective beauty tips. Although there are things that can help us stay young, such as having a healthy life, eating well, drinking enough water and sleeping, the personal grooming it’s key.

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It won’t do us any good to follow the fashion trends relevant or make us some aesthetic treatment, the hair is the main thing and with these ideas you will achieve very good results without having to spend much.

Yes, there are many things happening in the world and in our lives, maybe there are days when you don’t even want to get out of bed, but sometimes tidying up a little helps us feel better, it’s not about changing to please others but to ourselves, that’s why we recommend you follow these advice from the best stylists in the world for mature women 30 years and older:

wear your hair in layers

If he haircut Bob is the one that has reigned in the most recent trends, but when you wear it with layers, be they short, medium or long, it gives light to your face and makes it look sharper, so you look younger.

haircuts with fringe

If a cut with fringe is another of the infallible tricks for take away yearsas the most recent style of Erika Buenfil and Mayrín Villanueva shows, style suits us all.

Hair dyes lighter than your natural shade

Yeah, this is another one. simplest and most effective techniques to take years offas Ariadne Díaz shows, whom we always saw with dark tones and for her return to television she has worn a beautiful caramel color that gives new light to her face.

Money piece with balayage

Although originally the balayage It goes from the roots to the ends. In this case, we give it a twist, taking the lighter strands to the sides of your face and from there starting backwards, blurring the dye.

straightened hairstyles

Also known as semi polished hairstyleswe are talking about updo styles, both full and medium that involve straightening hair like the famous ponytail, a style that we have seen very present in members of royalty such as Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and Doña Letizia, Queen of Spain.

The semi-collected hairstyles, with loose strands

Besides of Smoothed hairPicking it up leaving some strands loose is also another of the styles that will help you look rejuvenated, as an example is Livia Brito in her most recent poses.

glitter hair accessories

We are talking about headbands and brooches. Sure, it’s not the shiny, plastic version of the ’90s, but metallic and glitter presentations that evoke royalty. Simply straighten your hair or arrange it in a mane to add a headband or combine a semi-updo with brooches, you will look charming and jovial.

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