In what order to watch The Purge movies? (updated 2022)


Follow the story of The Purge from its origins to the present day.

In 2013, La Purga was released, also known as The Purge: The Night of the Beasts in Spain. This is a dystopian horror film with great social-political component, as it takes place after a major economic crisis in the United States. have premiered 5 Purge movies and to see them all in a row we recommend following an order. Next we tell you how to watch all the movies of The Purge in chronological ordersince they are not correlative because it was done a prequel.

But what is the Purge? Chaos has taken over the population and a totalitarian government assumes power in a country where crime has increased and prisons are full. As a solution, the government creates the annual purgea 12-hour period in which all criminal activity, including murder, they become legal. That night neither the police nor the hospitals work. Any individual can unleash violence without punishment.

In the midst of this meaningless maelstrom, a wealthy family is held hostage. James Sandin along with his wife and his children will try to survive tonight without becoming the monsters of those who hide. This film saga has been very successful among young people by showing the worst of human beings when there are no rules or punishment. For watch the purge movies from start to finish, we recommend the following chronological order.

Chronological order to watch The Purge movies

Here is the complete list with all the purge movies that have been released in the correct chronological order to follow the plot with discretion. In parentheses is the year of the premiere which does not necessarily coincide with the story order.

The First Purge: The Night of the Beasts (2018)

The first Purge works as a prequel to the saga

Although it is the fourth installment of the saga, it is actually a prequel that describes the origins of the annual Purge, where all crimes are legal. So it goes back to the year 2014 when the United States suffers a great rising unemployment, inflation skyrockets and there is a deep housing crisis. The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) decide to replace the Democratic and Republican parties with a most powerful political party.

Two years later, the NFFA chief of staff and a sociologist announce a experiment that will last 12 hourss: the Purge. Citizens will be able to purge and release their instincts in any way they choose, including murders and rapes. Many citizens flee, but others are convinced to enter for $5,000 and higher compensation if they survive.

The Purge: The Night of the Beasts (2013)

The Purge: The Night of the Beasts

The Purge is the first film to be released in 2013

This time, the story focuses on a wealthy family who acquired his wealth selling security systems for the annual Purge. James Sandin lives in a home in an exclusive community of The Angels, where he waits with his family for the Purge to end. they think they are safe under security manufactured by James’s company, but the protagonist admits that he would not stand an organized attack by a group of people.

The family lets a homeless man asking for help and an armed gang demands that they hand over the man. In principle they want to deliver it to not have problems, but they realize that they are not better than them if they do that. As you can see, the first Purge movie has a lot of social criticism and raises much debate from the point of view privileged of a family that lacks nothing.

Anarchy: The Night of the Beasts (2014)

Anarchy: the night of the beasts

Anarchy focuses on the sixth annual Purge

We are close to the sixth annual Purge in the year 2023 and a Purge resistance group hijacks government broadcasts to denounce NFFA shares. This tape tells the story of five people that they will discover what their limits are in order to save themselves. In Los Angeles, a waitress named Eve Sanchez she returns home with her husband and daughter to dig in. She then begins the Purge, but her husband is terminally ill and willingly gives himself up in exchange for a large reward for his family.

Your house doesn’t have security systems, so they are an easy target for masked criminals. The path leads them to meet Leo, a lonely sergeant who has lost his son and only seeks revenge. Leo intervenes and shoots the attackers when they want to kidnap Eva and her daughter. Finally, Shane and Liz they are a couple about to separate who take refuge in the Leo’s armored car. They all join forces to survive one more night.

Election: The Night of the Beasts (2016)

Election: The Night of the Beasts

In Election, Senator Charlene Roan wants to abolish the Purge

This movie takes place in the year 2040, but first you have to go back to 2022, where a young woman is forced to watch her family get killed in the Purge. In the present charlene roan She is a United States Senator and a firm presidential candidate, as it promises to end the Purge. The NFFA members see Roan as a threat and decide to revoke the immunity of officials government during the Purge to kill security chief Leo Barnes.

Two years have passed since the former police sergeant decided not to take revenge on the man who killed his son. start the annual Purge night and Roan decides to wait until it ends in a safe place to secure the vote, and is accompanied by Barnes, Chief Couper, Eric, and additional security forces. However, everything will go wrong and Barnes will have to escort roan to ensure its integrity.

The Infinite Purge (2021)

the infinite purge

The Infinite Purge centers on a married couple who cross the border into Texas.

Thus we arrive at year 2048, eight years after Charlene Roan was elected President of the United States. But the NFFA have regained control of the government and restore the purge annual with its original rules. Racial supremacy and nativism have increased across the country. Juan and Adela are one immigrant couple who cross the border into Texas to escape a Mexican drug cartel and now Juan works as a ranch hand for the wealthy Tucker family.

ten months later the purge begins and marriage joins a community to protect itself. Adela sees how a nationalist movement who wants to wipe out all non-Americans. On the morning after the Purge, a gang of masked killers attack the Tuckersforcing both families to unite and fight.

you can do the full marathon of The Purge without making a mistake As you can see, it really is very simple to follow the story and there is only one prequel that should be seen before any. After watching this series, we encourage you to watch all the marvel movies in the right order.

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