It’s not the plane, it’s the pilot

“It’s not the plane, it’s the pilot.” This phrase is the backbone of the plot of the film “Top Gun: Maverick”, directed by Joseph Kosinsky, starring Tom Cruise, and one of the most anticipated premieres of the year, accompanied by the theme song by Lady Gaga hold my hand. This movie beats the original filmed by Tony Scott thirty-six years ago in terms of technological deployment on the one hand, and the effort that accurately recreates the spirit of aviation pilots on the other. And also, because Behind the visual magnificence, a life is told where the protagonist’s desire makes clear his subjective resignations, how he faces the passage of time and also the rebellion against premature retirement.

In the scenes where the characters fly their jets, they’re actually in the air doing it. Each shot and each plane is handcrafted and taken care of in detail under the watchful eye of Tom Cruise, whom we all know and know that he does not believe in visual tricks, but rather puts his own body in all the action scenes throughout all of them. His movies. Nor is it a war propaganda film, since it was even filmed long before the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It is a film that pays homage to war and adventure cinema such as “Only Angels Have Wings” (1939- Howard Hawks), “The Guns of Navarone” (1961- J. Lee Thompson), “Star Wars” (1977 – George Lucas), among others.