WWE NXT 2.0: Results June 14, 2022

USA Network will broadcast today June 14 a new episode of WWE NXT 2.0, with Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett at the commentary table, live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. The show has several attractions, such as The Creed Brothers vs. Edris Enophe Y Malik Blade for the NXT Tag Team Championships Y Toxic Attraction vs. Roxanne Perez, Cora Jade and Indi Hartwell in a trio fight.

NXT Tag Team Championships

Malik Blade and Edris Enofé vs. The Creed Brothers (Julius and Brutus Creed) (c)
Blade tries to surprise Brutus with a quick cover but Brother Creed is more cunning and manages to keep him on the canvas. Both take over from their respective partner and this time, Enofé dominates Julius on the canvas, but Butus manages to enter and change things. Enofé’s suplex and coverage but it is cut in two. Blade enters but is received with a suplex by Brutus and Julius punishes him on the canvas, and adds his brother to the beating. After the commercials, the Creed still dominate the fight but Enofé stands up to Brutus and takes over with Blade to give the champion a combination. Knee to the face and the account cannot reach three. Edris seeks height and elbows Brutus but is saved again. Blade manages to rescue his colleague from Brutus with a few hits on the run. However, Julius controls him, Slams him and Brutus finishes him off with his lariat on the canvas to retain the titles.

Winners and STILL champions: The Creed Brothers.

Cora Jade, and Roxanne Perez are in their locker room, reminiscing about their indie days, when Indi Hartwell shows up and tells them that she remembers when she used to have a husband and a family. She states that as the “old woman” of the group, things will change quickly. But Jade reminds her that she’s 25, not 45. And they need old butt-kicking Indi. Indi is emboldened and the three are very excited.

We are shown a cafeteria, in which Apollo Crews is sitting writing. Crews comments that he has had a lot of success in his time in NXT, and great moments. But that NXT has never left his head. He came back for the unfinished business call. Do what he couldn’t do the first time. A man goes on a rampage in the cafeteria and Apollo beats him up.

Tiffany Stratton vs. Fallon Henley (with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen)
Henely starts strong with some kicks but Stratton applies his power and strength to neutralize his opponent. Both have a very even timing, with blows exchanged, but little by little Stratton is taking the fight well and manages to prevail. However, Henley surprises Tiffany and unexpectedly achieves victory.

Winner: Fallon Henley.

Cameron Grimes is walking backstage, somewhat crestfallen. He meets some wrestlers who congratulate him on his match at NXT In Your House, but assures that he is not looking for encouragement or praise. Bron Breakker appears and tells him that he knows how he feels about losing the title, that he supports him, but Grimes repeats that he does not seek sympathy from anyone. Duke Hudson approaches Bron and blurts out that he shouldn’t be putting crazy ideas into Grimes’s head. Breakker reluctantly asks him what he wants and if he’s ever going to get over defeating him. Bron, to shut his mouth, gives him one more chance against him, and this time with the NXT title on the line.

Wes Lee vs. xion quinn
Quinn lifts Lee for a slam but Lee slides to his feet, Quinn still grabs him and smashes him into the ropes. Wes recovers and dodges Quinn’s punches until he is knocked down with both elbows. Xyon dominates Wes Lee on the canvas, but he manages to break free, hits Quinn and looks for the corner to launch himself with a spin jump and finish the fight for three.

Winner: Wes Lee.

Joe Gacy, backstage, assures that it is time to show the world that he is here to change things, and goes on stage with his hooded followers.

The Dyad (with Joe Gacy) vs. Dante Chen and Javier Bernal
Gacy’s followers come out with everything, pushing and running over the rivals, despite the fact that they wanted to defend themselves, however they run over them against the cornerbacks and the ropes. They elbow one of the rivals, and when he manages to take over, his partner is exchanging blows for a few minutes but Gacy’s followers are stronger and manage to knock him down. Modified DDT and victory for Gacy’s team.

Winners: The Dyad.

After the triumph, Gacy assures that these poor guys should not be judged. His negativity will make them feel inferior and he doesn’t see people as inferior and superior. He will achieve this crusade to change NXT 2.0 and get his message across to the entire WWE Universe.

D’Angelo Family approaches the ring. Tony D takes the microphone and speaks to Two Dimes and Stacks. That he knew them when they were little and that his parents were very close friends and acquaintances of his. Tonight he called them to assure them that they are family, that they have sacrificed and done everything as a true family. He is very proud of them and congratulates them with their promotion to Business Partner. And as a sign of appreciation, he gives each of them gold watches. D’Angelo addresses Santos Escobar. The Legacy heads downtown but Tony tells them not to do anything without his order. That they will always keep their mouths shut if they want everything to go well. Santos looks at him defiantly but shakes his hand. D’Angelo assures that this is the strongest family in all of NXT. He now calls what he lacks to be the complete stable: defeat the A-Champion, Carmelo Hayes.

Hayes comes out to the scene and tells him that he will not have a chance against him or with his championship because he is not in his league. Tony replies that this championship is within his business. Trick Williams gets in but Tony tells him not to get involved because he’s not talking to him. D’Angelo challenges to a match for the NXT North American Championship, for the following week, to which Hayes accepts, but Two Dimes tells him that he wants a match now against both of them. Tony D affirms that he is a great idea and the fight is agreed.

Toxic Attraction is in his private dressing room. Mandy Rose congratulates Perez and Jade for going up and taking on her and her buddies, but they’ll wish they wanted to come down from the top when they find out what they’re capable of. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne make fun of them, and Indi Hartwell, calling her the most desperate woman in all of NXT, and that tonight they will show why they are the most dominant team in all of NXT history.

NXT Championship

Duke Hudson vs. Bron Breakker (c)
Hudson attacks Bron before the bell rings, but the champion responds quickly and knocks Hudson down with two stampedes. Brutal Spear before a Hudson dizzy from the shocks. Powerslam and quick victory for Breakker.

Winner and STILL champion: Bron Breakker.

Cameron Grimes makes his post-match appearance and snaps at Bron who is leaving to end their conversation. Grimes assures him that he is furious because he does not deserve that championship, that he only has it by bearing his last name. But despite that he respects him, although he tells her that he has had a better career. That he won it because his father is a WWE Hall of Famer, even though he respects him. That he has everything because they know who his father is, but nobody knows who his father is. His father has not been able to see him succeed. He put his heart into this business and deserves the title more for it. Grimes challenges him to the NXT Great American Bash, to which Bron accepts.

Ivy Nile meets Tatum Paxley backstage. Nile assures her that she has liked the work that she has been doing for her, that she watched her and she was impressed. Paxley thanks him and leaves. Roderick Strong appears and asks what he’s doing with her, which shows soft spot for her. The Creed brothers appear and reproach them for having shaken hands with Enofé and Blade, that they had to be finished off. Julius thanks him for being a great teacher, Brutus too, and they announce that next week they will have a match to teach them something. Strong makes excuses about her ankle, but Nile repeats his phrase, “no excuses, that’s not the Diamond Mine way.”

Backstage, Sophia Cromwell is with Von Wagner and Mr. Stone. Cromwell assures McKenzie Mitchell that next week, Wagner will face Brooks Jensen, without Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley at ringside, they won’t be there either, and Von will show them who is the dominant one.

Giovanni Vinci vs. Guru Raaj
Raaj tries some whipping and throwing him to the canvas but Vinci uses his body and strength to dominate and gain ground control over Guru. Vinci dodges Raaj’s blows and hits him with a bump that leaves him senseless. Guru tries some dropkicks but nothing has an effect. Brutal chop, powerful slam against the center of the ring and leads to a corner. Chops in the corner and Bombazo for the win.

Winner: Giovanni Vinci.

Only Sikoa is being interviewed and, he repeats that he wants yes or yes, the North American Championship, even if it seems like a broken record, always claiming the same thing. Grayson Waller walks over and tells him that he’s sick of hearing him talk about the same things all the time. He tells her that he just got lucky last week because Apollo Crews came to save him. Sikoa tells him that if he is brave enough to speak up, let him prove it next week when they meet in the ring. Waller is stunned and reluctantly agrees.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams vs. Two Dimes and Stacks
Two Dimes and Stacks make quick tag and overpower Hayes and Williams, taking them to their corner and attacking mercilessly. Hayes manages to dodge an attack and apply a tremendous lariat but the rivals manage to dominate him again. Hayes dodges a flying elbow and throws to Stacks to take over from Trick. Cruz del Toro interrupts and lunges but hits Two Dimes, giving Hayes the win after an Elbow Splash.

Winners: Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams.

Indi Hartwell, Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade vs. Toxic Attraction (Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne)
Jade looks for Rose, but the champion escapes and takes over from Jayne. Cora tries to surprise Jacy but the champion is taller and stronger so she manages to subdue Cora on the canvas. Cora switches with Indi and Jacy with Mandy, which begins an exchange of keys to the doll between the two. Toxic Attraction fully climbs into the ring, Cora and Perez second Indi and the three kick the champions out of the ring. After the commercials, the villains have Roxanne in her corner, not letting her get close to her team. Senton and Jayne coverage but the account reaches two. Both exchange forearm blows, Perez’s knee and there are relays: Mandy and Indi. Hartwell punches Mandy and searches for the bill but can’t find it. Cora applies a Hurricanrana and kicks but she can’t cover it either. Rose’s Spinebuster but she can’t win either. TA manages to subdue Cora in her corner but jade hits Rose to take over from Indi, the referee does not consider it legal as he does not see it and the villains take Cora back to her corner. Gigi’s backbreaker on Cora but Jade is saved from her and takes over from Perez. Roxy takes the three ahead, she hits Gigi several times but the account does not prosper. Hartwell right to Rose and Jayne. Perez kicks Dolin, gives Jade the change and applies the Senton to Gigi for the win.

Winners: Indi Hartwell, Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade.

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