Valentín Trujillo: This was the condition that took the life of the heartthrob of Mexican cinema

Although more than 16 years have passed since the death of Valentin Trujillo, The personal life of the famous leading man of Mexican cinema continues to be a topic of interest for his thousands of followers and one of the most recurrent doubts that exist around his figure is to know What was the disease that took his life? so this time we will clarify this and other data that you possibly did not know about the talented actor who lived his glory years between the decades of 1970 and 1980.

Rafael Valentin Trujillo Gazcon was the full name of the actor, he was born in Atotonilco el Alto, in the state of Jalisco on March 28, 1951 and because his grandfather was the famous producer Valentin Gazcon and his uncle the director Gilberto Gazcon, He has always been involved with the seventh art.

The first time that Valentin Trujillo appeared in the frame in a movie of the Mexican Cinema it was thanks to his uncle Gilberto Gazcón who included him as part of the cast of “The Great Rascal” (1960) and back then, the actor was only 9 years old and shared credits with figures of the stature of Adalberto Martínez “Springs” and Wild FlowerIn addition, this film opened the doors for him to participate in other productions such as “The Extra” (1962) with Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” and “Rage” (1963).

Valentín Trujillo began his artistic career when he was just a child. Photo: Special

After this first experience, Valentín Trujillo dedicated himself to his academic training and to polishing his histrionic skillshowever, once he turned 18 he returned to action obtaining his first leading role in “The Sand Figures” (1969)a film that marked the beginning of his best moment since, in addition to being extremely talented, He also quickly established himself as one of the leading leading men of the moment.

The first years of the career Valentin Trujillo they were full of intensity because in addition to being required in multiple productions he also had to divide his time to be able to study, however, he was able to adapt and managed to graduate from the law degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)however, he never practiced because at the end he decided to give himself completely to the performing arts where he was already more than consolidated.

Valentín Trujillo was considered to be quite a gallant. Photo: Special

Although Valentin Trujillo He began his walk in the cinema participating in dramas and ranchero productions, Once the 1980s entered, he became interested in social issues and action, where he also managed to be a reference, however, it was at this time that he decided to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and began to be interested in direction and production, even acting in some of his productions.

Some most remembered films in which he acted Valentin Trujillo They were “We are already men” (1970), “Beyond violence” (1970), “The other virginity” (1974) and “Perro Callejero” (1978), “A violent man” (1984) and “Ratas de City” (1985), just to mention a few, in addition, others tapes where he had participation as a screenwriter, producer or director They were “I the executor” (1985), “Rape) (1987),” In danger of death (1987) and “Red dawn” (1989), among many others.

Vaqlentín Trujillo participated as an actor in more than a hundred films. Photo: Special

Once the 1990s entered, Valentin Trujillo drastically decreased his appearances in movies because by then he was already more interested in production, where he remained extremely active for the rest of his days, however, he still made some roles and appearances in different programs that allowed him remain in force until the present century.

What did Valentin Trujillo die of?

In the last years of the actor’s life, it was rumored that he had Parkinson’s, however, his wife denied italthough he did admit that he had an anxiety problem since he was very nervous, however, It was an unexpected cardiorespiratory arrest that ended the life of the actor in May 2006 while he slept in his house located in the Coyoacán mayor’s office.

Valentin Trujillo passed away at the age of 55. Photo: Special

As for his personal life, Valentín Trujillo was married on at least two occasions and in said marriages he procreated a total of four childrenbeing Valentin Trujillo Jr. the best known since he followed in his footsteps as a producer and screenwriter.


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