“The Cannibal of Atizapán” would have been inspired by the tape “The Silence of the Innocents” to commit his crimes

Andres Filomeno Mendoza better known as the “Cannibal of Atizapan” He would have been inspired by the famous Hollywood movie “The Silence of the Lambs”, to commit his first murder against a woman, in the same year as the film’s premiere, in 1991.

According to “Spectrum” column published in EL UNIVERSAL of the producer of the documentary entitled “Caníbal, total indignation”, Javier Tejada Where“the interviews with neighbors, firefighters, police and public ministries, all recorded, pointed to the need to make an audiovisual and for people in Mexico to find out what had happened in this horrendous case: a feminicide that, inspired by a well-known Hollywood movie —The Silence of the Innocents—, in 1991, the same year it was shown in Mexico, it began to murder women”.

In the text published this Tuesday, the ITAM lawyer, Javier Tejada, begins by telling that in 2021 he narrated for the first time in ANDL UNIVERSAL what happened at that address in Atizapán in the State of Mexico.

“For me, this story began on May 25 of last year, when I published in these pages the article “The commander who caught the Cannibal of Atizapan and told the story of a brave police officer who, along with his family, searched for his wife, Reyna,” the journalist wrote.

After receiving several emails, Tejada considered that he should investigate further and write a book, but when he came across videos that the serial femicide made of his victims, he decided that the best format for the complaint would be to make an audiovisual.

The foregoing led him to produce the documentary entitled “Caníbal, total indignation” and that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) premiered yesterday, June 27.

“What we were finding still impresses and causes horror, but, above all, indignation. I was and am so indignant that I decided to hand over my investigation for free to make a journalistic report. Nobody wanted to make a documentary on such a subject because of its controversy and out of fear. Fear of talking about femicides and impunity, fear of the anger of the authorities and fear of angering the status quo, the patriarchy,” he emphasized.

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After starting filming the documentary there were threats against public servants

He stressed that when they began filming the documentary there were threats to dozens of public servants not to speak or they would go to prison “And, more recently, the current mayor of Atizapán has indicated, in La Jornada, that he wants to censor it, instead of issuing an alert of gender for what happened and is happening in your municipality. What reason could you have to prefer to hide what happens there, instead of making what happened visible and saving lives? Perhaps we will know soon, because there is already an open investigation for cover-up”, he added.

“Instead, with decision, the president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Arturo Zaldívar, decided to advance a project to publicize Reyna’s case and, with it, what thousands of families in Mexico suffer,” he said. .

It should be noted that Grau Serra is the director of the five-part documentary and the script is by Ana Mata.

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