Anastasia Kvitko the best shape of the peach with her charms

“More than beautiful” is how some of Anastasia Kvitko’s followers call her, in addition to her well-known nickname as The Russian Kim Kardashianthis beautiful celebrity from Kaliningrad, Russia, constantly tends to pose like a professional.

This curiously also applies when it comes to just lying down or completely relaxed, as happened with one of her Instagram posts, lying on an armchair and showing off her back charms like never before.

As you well know when you lie down on any surface, your body expands a little due to gravity, which seems to have made a pact with Anastasia Kvitko to look perfect, whenever you are lying down, recharged or sitting somewhere.

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Something that has characterized the beautiful curvy model, is her silhouette which became her own brand since the beginning of her career as a model precisely, her popularity quickly began to grow on social networks, both on Instagram and Twitter and now also in “Only for fans”.

The flirtatious Russian celebrity is reclining in an armchair, wearing a white set two-piece, made up of a mini top and pants that seem to be flared, thanks to the perspective with which the photos were taken of her beautiful peach, or bum bum as some would call it, it looks perfect.

There were three photos in which she appears posing, two of them lying face down and a third standing on her back, holding her posterior charms to give them greater depth and grandeur.

Kvitko is currently 27 years old, but she started in the world of the modeling industry when she was just a 19-year-old girl, who quickly began to gain popularity on social networks thanks to her bizarre photographs and her exquisite silhouette.

This same silhouette that has caused so many sighs and accelerated hearts among his followers continues to do so over the years, despite the fact that there is very little information about his personal life, in the few interviews in which we have seen him, he has revealed very little about himself.

It’s known that Anastasia Kvitko She loves Mexican food, as well as cumbia music, she works out a lot in the gym and when she came to the United States from Russia she only lived in Miami, Florida for a year, when she decided to move to another state to stand out as a model.

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