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Last week I talked with chef Jonathan Martínez, passionate about Mexico and its gastronomy; In addition to having a noble heart, since the theme of volunteering (so recurrent in this column) is also part of his life, supporting the Casa de Casa de Vida Amor y Liberación La Parota Ahualulco, located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. .

We talk about industrial kitchens, how they are made and the services they offer. Industrial gastronomy is a world apart from what we can decipher in terms of “catering” service. Feeding the collaborators of a corporate or factory is a great commitment, since the food preparation must be pristine. There can be no margin of error.

From the planning of the daily menus, in some cases 3 meals a day, that are healthy, varied, adjusted to a budget and that are adapted to the food needs of the operators, for example in the case of some factory; being the food what influences the yield of a production.

In Mexico, there are various certifications for the operation of a kitchen. It is the Distinctive H that governs food safety methods and systems in order to avoid cross-contamination, poisoning, food handling, etc.

In an industrial kitchen, there are sections within it for the reception of raw materials, their storage (as appropriate: dry, refrigerated, frozen, thawing), heated preparation, cooking area, dishwashing, waste storage, products for cleaning and sanitizing, cleaning and clothing and of course, the service bars. Each one has its requirements, restrictions and functions.

The correct operation of an industrial kitchen will prevent:

  • eating problems
  • Higher production costs
  • accident risk
  • Poor processing performance
  • Increase in production times

It will not only be the kitchen “itself” that should be considered in industrial gastronomy, but also the dining area is important since it must be comfortable, illuminated, a closed but air-conditioned space and the operators must wear caps, gloves, etc. For all of the above, let us take into account the value of those who work in this type of kitchen, some symptom of illness can cause the contagion of all those involved.

I also met as every month with Proyectos con Identidad AC, focused on humanitarian aid and training for the most vulnerable, with various support programs throughout the year. On this occasion Araceli Hermosillo, volunteer, certified in traditional Mexican medicine and herbalism, yoga therapist and restorative alignment.

He shared his testimony of life in terms of health, which made him consider his lifestyle and diet. On numerous occasions we have commented that our body needs nutrients, good eating habits, balance in the number of portions we eat and be attentive to what we eat (in many cases out of emotion), so it is essential to include “body movement” , some type of exercise and be aware of stress management, which is increasingly suffered by people of all ages.

In pre-Columbian times, diseases were conceived as a product of the actions of their Gods, knowing that the cure was in nature. In fact, it has always been like this, which is why we have different foods depending on the time of year, highlighting the importance of consuming “what is local”. Delving a little into herbal medicine is to recognize and know that the application of botany to medicine is essential to improve health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes herbal medicine as an effective tool, being a replacement and a complement. The knowledge of medicinal plants in many cultures has been passed down from generation to generation. Some advantages of applying herbalism in our consumption are:

  • Accessibility
  • Low cost
  • cultural capital
  • Patrimonial part (endemic species that we cannot let them be lost)

And not only the plants, also in the species there are numerous health benefits, it is important to learn from them, not just consume for consumption, remember that many of the plants are toxic if their consumption is exceeded.

Thanks for reading another week, more. I wish you an excellent month of August, dear reader.

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By Marletza